Debabrata Das

Ecology Laboratory, Botany Department, Lalgarh Government College, Lalgarh, Jhargram, 721516 (India) (Formerly Microbiology Laboratory, P. G. Deptt. of Botany, Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling-734101 (India)


Eco-tourism is a field which is broadly defined by its term ecology on one hand and tourism on the other. It deals with the activities of a large number of people involved in integral amusement of a specific time for a selected place. A good example is tourists and out comers from different countries and places. It dignifies the amusement of tourists and generates income for the local inhabitants who involved personally or in a group for design and development of the same. But after a long time invasion in the ecosystem, it becomes polluted either by manmade pollutants or by socially. Social pollution is a kind of pollution which is due to wide differences of culture among different group of tourists, economy and misuse of environment day by day. Perhaps it is the ultimate fate of loose bonding among different groups of people. The cause of deterioration of ecosystem is very lucid which may be due to unscientific management or by loss of ‘carrying capacity’ of the area governed by excessive pressure. Therefore, we need to apply eco-restoration process parallel to stop the eco-degradation process which is essential to smoothly run the eco-tourism. To run eco-tourism successfully and to develop economy better of a particular tourist spot and adjacent areas we need good interactions from both the sides. For the sustenance of the resource, we need to frame a policy that might be a key to master mind a bridge between guests (tourists or out comers) and hosts (local authority or people or a group of people). In this communication, nature and natural resource and their management have been placed which is closely related to eco-tourism and eco-degradation. We, the knowledgeable person should be very realistic rather than opportunistic to stop the eco-degradation process and to establish the eco-tourism in a more sound and prideful way in near future.

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