A.K. Shrivastava*, P. Bansode and S. Patra

*P.G. Department of Botany, Govt. D. T. College, Utai, Durg, C. G. P. G. Department of Botany, Govt. N.P. G. College of Science, Raipur-492001 (India) (E mail:aksbotany@gmail.com)


The tribal communities of Chhattisgarh partially or completely depend on forest produces for their survival. Plants and herbs are commonly used by tribal women to get relief from the gynecological problems they generally face. Total 19 gynecological problems were seen to be treated by the traditional method using different formulation of plant parts. These plants were identified and they were classified to 49 families, 79 genera and 87 species. In terms of number of species Fabaceae > Euphorbiaceae= Moraceae > Mimosaceae >Solanaceae = Asteraceae = Caesalpiniaceae =Liliaceae = Verbenaceae. The plant parts which are used in different formulations are whole plant Root/Rhizome> Bark >Flower/Fruit > Stem > Leaf > Seeds.

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