Reena Patel* and Shafkat Rana**

*Research Scholar G.G.T. University, Banswara-327001 (India) **Associate Professor, Department of Botany, S.G.G. Govt. College, Banswara-327001 (India) Mail Id :,


Chlorophyceae represent a morphologically diverse group of photosynthetic organisms usually identified as green algae. This is the largest and heterogenous group of freshwater algae ranging in size from microscopic unicellular or coenocytic to large colonies and extensive filamentous forms. The Present study is a part of survey conducted on fresh water algal flora of Chlorophyceae in Kagdi Dam. The collections of algal samples were carried out during the month of July-August 2019 from different areas located in upstream and downstream of the Kagdi Dam. Samples were examined under microscope and identified in the laboratory of P.G. Department of Botany, S.G.G. Government College Banswara. The study revealed the presence of 15 different species of algae belonging to Clorophyceae. Thallus diversity of morphology ranges from non motile Chlorella to well organised thallus of Chara showing tendency towards tree habit, through coenobial Scenedesmus, Pediastrum and large colonies of Hydrodictyon to unbranched filamentous Spirogyra, Oedogonium.

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