Chandra Shekhar Singh1 and Neetu Singh2

1Department of Botany R.R.P.G. College, Amethi-227405 (India) 2Department of Botany T.D.P.G. College, Jaunpur-222002 (India) 1Email Id-


Study of different sites of Chromium and Nickel Varanasi (Basahi) plating industry effluents on germination and growth of Cicer arietinum cv. G-130 and Cicer arietinum cv. H-208 leguminous crop plants was carried out. The maximum inhibition in seed germination and growth was reported in treated seeds, where as it was minimum in II treated seeds. Among two cultivars of Cicer arietinum cv. H-208 was found to be more susceptible to Chromium and Nickel plating effluent toxicity than cv. G-130. In this way differential responses were shown by above stated genotypes of Cicer arietinum to Chromium and Nickel plating effluent toxicity.

Key words :

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