Aashi Rai and *Sujeet Kumar Singh

1Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut-250005 (India) 2Division of Biotechnology, Cyto Gene Research & Development, Lucknow-226001 (India) Corresponding author email id : Singh.sujeet121@gmail.com


The benefits of consuming food with added live microbes (probiotics) on human health are being increasingly promoted by the health professionals. The term Probiotic was technically defined as ‘‘live microorganisms which upon ingestion in certain numbers exert health benefits beyond inherent general nutrition’. In the present study vegetable fruit juice (beet root and bottle guard) are used for the probiotication by Lactobacillus acidophilus. The bacteria was isolated from curd sample and characterized on morphological and biochemical basis. The vegeatble juices were probioticated with the isolated bacteria and further analysis of the probioticated juice was done. Increase in percentage acidity and decrease in pH was observed and the nutritonal analysis revealed the presence of vitamins and organic acids. The probioticated juice samples also showed good antagonistic acitivity against the pathogenic bacteria species. The characters of the probioticated substrates were studied and were tested for shelf life. It was evidently proved that immobilized cultures remained viable over a long period of time and the probiotically fermented drinks were potentially inhibiting the pathogenic growth. Prospective studies on mechanisms of the probiotic activities may enable their new medical applications for lactose intolerant and diabetic patients.

Key words :

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