Charu Tiwari*1, Vipin Vyas2 and Manik Sharma3

1Department of Zoology, Barkatullah University, Bhopal-462026 (India) 2Department of Biosciences, Barkatullah University, Bhopal-462026 (India) 3Department of Zoology, Career College, Bhopal-462023 (India) *Author for Correspondence -


Rivers provide balanced habitat to many animals and plants. The physicochemical parameters indicate the quality of water and health of river. Tawa river stretch 172 km. from origin upto confluence in Narmada river. During the study chemical values show moderate or less moderate pollution due to land use pattern and Sarni power plant ash discharge. The study shows increased level of some parameters at sampling sites. Continuous monitoring of quality of water is needed to river health and also ecosystem because aquatic organisms need ideal conditions of ecosystem to live and grow.

Key words :

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