P. J. Misal and D. T. Tangade

Department of Zoology, Siddharth Arts, Commerce and Science College, Jafrabad-431206 (India) Author for Correspondence : pradipm198@gmail.com


Present study was based on survey of Helminth parasites from economically important freshwater fishes Channa punctaus, Channa marulis, Clarius batrachus and Wallago attu from various collection sites of Purna basin, Jafrabad Region (MS) India during June 2018 to May 2019. Four cestode genera Gangesia (Woodland, 1924), Proteocephalus (Weinland, 1858), Senga Dollfus (1934) and Circumoncobothrium Shinde (1968) were found high in the fishes during summer season as compared to the winter and monsoon season. The fish specimens with intermediate weight group showed highest prevalence of infestation. However, further study is still required to find out many enclosed parasitic infections of fishes and their causative agents, particularly in this region with high diversity of fishes.

Key words :

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