1Sunil Kumar Kakodiya and 2Sudhir Mehra

Department of Zoology, Saifia P.G. Science College, Bhopal-462001 (India) Corresponding Author: – skkakodiya2014@gmail.com


The fish diversity of Narmada River from some selected stretch was studied by taking seasonal samples from 2015 to 2017. The Narmada River is one of the important rivers of India, with the total length of 1312 km. largest Westward flowing starting from Amarkantak to Baruch. It is also referred to as the life line of Madhya Pradesh. Present study was aimed to generate information on the fishes of Hoshangabad region of river Narmada. The present study has been conducted to assess the fish diversity in a stretch of Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. The water samples were collected from five sampling sites of selected stretches of river Narmada. During entire study period, a total of 50 species were found in all five sampling stations. Among these, Cyprinidae are dominating group and comprise of 28 species (52%), Bagridae comprises of 4 species (8%), Cobitidae of 3 species (6%), Ophiocephalidae of 3 species (6%), Ambassidae of 2 species (5%), Mastacembelidae of 2 (5%), Siluridae of 2 species (5%), Clariidae of 1 species (2%), Saccobranchidae of 1 species (2%), Schilbeidae of 1 species (2%), Notopteridae 1 species (2%) and Belonidae of 1 species (2%). We tried to document fish diversity composition, physical habitats characteristics as well as identification of Carps, Catfishes, Loaches, Murrels, Glass, Gobi, Eels, Feather backs, Gar species in the river. This study resulted in the collection of a total of 50 species belonging to 30 Genera, 13 Families and 6 orders. The study aims to assess the diversity and distribution of fishes in River Narmada.

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