Mathews Plamoottil1

Department of Zoology, BJM Govt. College, Chavara-691583 (India); Ph: 9447059690


Carnatic carp is a freshwater fish distributed in the freshwater bodies of upper reaches of Bhavani and Cauvery Rivers. Eventhough it is not uncommon in its type locality; many taxonomic ambiguities still prevail in the identity of the original Carnatic Carp; confusions exists in many of its meristic counts and morphometric features. Jerdon12 originally described this fish in so brief that an ordinary fish taxonomist cannot easily get to confirmation on its identity. Consequently, many taxonomists described this fish differently. It is an endeavour to trace out the taxonomic details of this cyprinid fish based on the fresh specimens of this fish from its type locality. It is taxonomically analysed and compared with its close congeners.

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