Fatima Khan* and Peer Mohmad Junaid**

*Department of Botany, Govt. College, Nasrullah Ganj-466331 (India) **Department of Botany, Govt. Motilal Vigyan Mahavidhyalaya Bhopal-462036 (India) *junaidpeerzada@gmail.com.


The development, improvement, and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) are firmly affected by abiotic factors, for example, salinity and dry season in the arid conditions. The utilization of effective PGPR in the production of chickpea is the best answer to defeat those stresses. In the present study, 16 rhizobial strains were isolated and purified from the root nodules of chickpea genotype developed on middle salinated soils with various chickpea cultivation antecedents, three of them were increasingly productive in salt resilience and demonstrated higher nodulation capacities. Neighborhood chickpea genotype Phule-G-12313 was inoculated with specific Rhizobium bacterial strains before planting them to the field condition. Inoculation of plants with the strains of Rhizobium species RB1, RB6 and RB9 increase significantly shoot, root dry matter and also the nodule number by 19, 14, and 25% over the uninoculated plants. The shoot length expanded by 50%, root length by 40%, shoot dry weight by 35%, and root dry weight by 60%. The pod number was increased significantly by 30% due to inoculation and yield up to 50%, as compared to the control plant which was not inoculated with any strain. The powerful indigenous rhizobial strains isolated in this examination from chickpeas on middle salinated soils of Bhopal have the characters of expansive host range, the efficiency of high nodulation, the efficiency of nitrogen fixation, incredible salt tolerance. The amount of soil nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon at the end of the examination were positive in every treatment as compared to the control. In this investigation, we are concentrating on the symbiotic relationship between chickpea and its advantageous nitrogen-fixing bacterial strains and how it will impact the plant productivity and fertility of the soil.

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