Priyanka Chandel*

*School of Studies in Life Science, Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur - 492010 (India)


The electromagnetic radiations (EMR) are ubiquitous. The EMR is a combination of both electric and magnetic fields. It created by both natural and man-made sources. Man-made EMR sources could be ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has a shorter wavelength and higher frequency thus higher energy. Non-ionizing radiation has a higher wavelength and shorter frequency. Mobile phones and its mobile phone towers contribute to man-made EMR sources. They operate in the radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation range and are categorized as non-ionizing radiation. From few decades, the extensive mobile phone usage has led to the deployment of several portable mobile phone towers in every nook of human habitation which raises community concerns. This review article presents the potential biological effects of radio- RF-EMR exposure. There is a lack of ubiquity regarding the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health. In general, the reported findings are conflicting, ranging from ‘harmful impacts’ to ‘inconclusive impacts, through ‘no impact.’ While many studies reported RF-EMR-induced alterations in the sleep and sleep-wake patterns, others opposed it. Authors of many studies attributed cognitive impairment in humans to RF-EMR. Others did not agree with it. This implies that the claims and counterclaims regarding harmful impacts of RF-EMR in humans are plenty. We, therefore, recommend more intensive research with perfectly controlled protocols and follow up studies to be carried out with the focus to eliminate current controversies concerning the biological effects of RF-EMR.

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