Kausik Ghosh

Department of Zoology, Bejoy Narayan Mahavidyalaya, Itachuna, Hooghly 712147 (India) E.mail: tokausik@gmail.com Mob. +91-7003505362


A rapid avifaunal diversity was carried out at two different places of North Bengal, West Bengal. These two sites were Teesta Barage, Gajoldoba and Jayanti range of Buxa Tiger Researve (BTR), Alipurduar from 12th February to 17th February 2017. The habitat structure was different in those two places. Teesta Barrage was predominantly water body and Jayanti range comprises mainly of Canopy cover and a mountain riverbed. During the field tour a total of 151 avian species were observed and most of them were photographed. Among the study sites BTR was rich in avian diversity which having 113 different species. In Teesta Barage, Gajoldoba, 69 species were documented. In Gajoldoba, 41% of the total birds were winter migrants where only 11% of the birds were of this category observed in BTR. There were only 34% similarities in avian populations in these two locations. Study recorded BTR as for Passerine birds and Teesta Barage is a good place for both Anseriformes and Passeriformes.

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