Subhojit Ojha

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry Section, U.G. & P.G. Department of Botany, Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling-734 101 (India) E-mail:, Mobile no: 9933903545


Many plants interact to their native plants in term of allelopathic activity.It may be promotive or inhibitory. Various allelochemical compounds from plantor plant parts have an interaction to neighboring plants or organisms. In the present investigation, the allelopathic effect of Globbaracemosaleaf (aqueous)extracts on lentil seeds was evaluated. Seed germination behaviour such as percentage germination, T50 values, TTC stainability of lentil seeds was analysed. Some biochemical parameters like leaching of free amino acids, soluble carbohydrates and dehydrogenase enzyme activitywere assessed fromlentil seeds. Leaf extracts pretreated seeds show inhibitory germination rate along with higher T50 values over control (distilled water). Leaching of free amino acids and soluble carbohydrates are also higher in Globba leaf extracts treated seeds.Dehydrogenase enzyme activity shows lower in case of 1:1 leaf extract treated lentil seeds. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn from the experimental results that Globba leaf extracts exert positive allelopathic effect on lentil seeds.

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