Maria Deb Barma1 and Sabyasachi Dasgupta1*

1Tripura University, Department of Forestry and Biodiversity, Agartala-799022 (India) 1*Department of Forestry and Biodiversity, Tripura University, Suryamaninagar, Agartala-799022 (India) 1Email- *Email-


Uncontaminated water is a basic need of every human being apart from food and shelter. Various freshwater bodies and underground water are the main source of clean water. Due to presence of various organic and inorganic pollutants the quality of water is deteriorating gradually. Before discharge into the environment wastewater must be treated properly. The conventional water treatment techniques are high in cost, required continuous power supply and not always effectively remove pollutants. Phytoremediation utilizing aquatic macrophytes is the most desirable method among various strategies developed till date.Phytoremediation is a promising cost-effective green technology for treating different wastewaters by the application of plants. Aquatic macrophytes have the unique ability to absorb excess contaminants present in various wastewater in their body tissue.

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