Debabrata Das*

Department of Botany, Lalgarh Govt. College, Lalgarh, Jhargram-721516 (India) Mail Id:


Forest plays a crucial role in improving ecosystem services. Ecosystem role is primary under which each entity work separately. This is accompanied by a large number of micro-ecosystem with enormous energy flow which supports all living components to grow, regulate their interactions even change the structure of vegetation form one form to another form. Vegetation of forest also plays a significant role to improve the quality of the environment. The use of minerals and their constitute components in any part of the ecosystem is important. Therefore, in this study general information on vegetation components, its status and ecosystem services have been placed. Study also reflects the forest elements managed by forest department as well as by local people to make healthy vegetation at Rakhalmara village under Kapgari beat of Jhargram forest division. Sal (Shorea robusta) is the main element in the forest though in degraded areas main components are mahul (Madhuca indica) and jam (Syzygium cumini). The paper reflects on the vegetation of Rakhalmara with its status and management in a long term basis.

Key words :

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