Silar Mohammed M and Mohammed Osman Ahmed

Osmania College (Autonomos), Kurnool- AP-518001 (India)


Man for his cornfort and selfish needs destruct ecosystems ruthlessely without knowing the loss in future. It is the ecosystems which promotes richness of species which is required for agriculture, and maintenance of environment. In the present study of ecosystems destructions, the authors have pointed out of the hidden loss of flora and fauna which is unimaginable in terms of billions of rupees and suggested alternate ways and means to reduce the destruction of ecosystems, if laying of roads have become invisible and measures to be implemented to compensate the loss for the sustenance of living organisms. Already a great loss has been caused by deforestation natural calamities and real-estate to the ecosystems. Further the widening of roads and highways has compounded the loss to forests and aquatic ecosystems.

Key words : Ecosysten, Panyam, conservation, Moringa, Salvadora.

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