Pampi Ghosh

Department of Botany, Sevabharati Mahavidyalaya, Kapgari, Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal (India)


In this communication, 22 plants of ethnobotanical importance have been made which are used today by tribal people in Jhargram block, Paschim Medinipur. These include plants producing underground parts like corm, tuber, rhizome, tuberous roots and above ground parts like vegetables, unripe fruits, and flowers including floral buds, inflorescence, seeds, and ripe fruits. All these under the category like food, antidotes, fish stupefying agents, plants of fumitories, medicines, dyes, agricultural implements, stuffing beds and pillows, jewelers, oils, musical instruments, traps, alcoholic drinks, fiber and flosses, feed and fodder for pet animals. Here, only plants used in vegetables as well as for fodder purposes have been described.

Key words : Ethnobotany, Santals. Bhumij, wild plants., Tubers, rhizomes.

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