1M.Y. Khan, Imtiyaz A. Raja2 and Aijaz Ahmad Bhat

1Department of Chemistry, Degree College Anantnag (Boys)-192 101 (India) 2Department of Zoology University Of Kashmir Srinagar-190006 (India) e mail: aijazafzal@gmail.com


The present study was undertaken to evaluate the tropic status of three lakes viz; Dal, Nil nag and Sheshnag on the basis of physicochemical parameters criterion. It has been observed that the high altitude lake (Sheshnag) is still maintaining its pristine low tropic nature, although under stress for quite sometime in view of Amaranth Yatra. While the Pine forest lake (Nilnag) is marching towards high tropic nature as a result of heavy influx of silt load containing nutrients from the catchments area. Whereas, the urban valley lake (Dal) operating under tremendous anthropogenic pressures pumping heavy load of autochthonus and allochthonus material leads to its rapid tropic evolution in the form of eutrophication.

Key words : Trophic status, catchments, anthropogenic, autochthonus, allochthonus, eutrophication.

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