Neha K Sharma, Shobha Shrivastava and *Amarjeet Bajaj

Department of Botany, Govt. M.L.B. Girls’ College, Bhopal-462008 (India) *Department of Botany, Govt. M.V.M., Bhopal-462008 (India)


The main purpose of the investigation is to evaluate the effect of air pollution on foliar morphological features of two species of Fabaceae viz. Cassia siamea and C. fistula growing naturally in natural forest of Bagli in district Dewas and on Agra- Bombay National Highway no. 3 passing through Dewas. The location was selected on the basis of API (Air Pollution Index) evaluated at both the experimental sites. Leaf area, nature and type of injury was evaluated and compared. C. fistula was found to be more affected as compared to C. siamea.

Key words : API, Cassia siamea, Cassia fistula, Leaf area, Foliar injury.

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