Hossein Rezaei Nezhad*1 and Nasser Mahdavi Shahri2

1Department of Biology, Shirvan Branch, Islamic Aazd University, Shirvan, Iran E.mail:saman59816@yahoo.com* 2Biology Department, University of Mashhad, Mashhad Iran


The Kurds that are resident in North of Khorasan province include different tribes. In this research we selected 30 Kurds including Veranlou , Ghahramanlou, Amiranlou, Bichranlou tribes and recorded their palmar ridges. For recording, we use of print ink an A4 papers. We could find triradioses (a,b,c,d) at the base of fingers on paper. We joint a point to b and draw a-b line, and count a-b line ridges. The amount of a-b ridge count is (78.88 in males and 81.23 in females)in Veranlou tribe and (67.32 in males and 67.18 in females) in Ghahramanlou and (67.4 in males and 63.5 in females )in Amiranlou and (63.5 in males and 67.28 in females) in Bichranlou. In a comparative study we conclude that there is a significant difference between the Kurdish a-b count ridge with other Iranian populations.

Key words : Dermatoglyphics , Kurd Tribes, Iran, Ridge Count.

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