Jyoti Sharma and Alka Parashar

Department of Zoology, Sarojini Naidu Govt. Girls P.G.(Auto.) College, Bhopal (India) Email :- palki87@yahoo.co.in


Mahseer (Tor tor) state fish of Madhya Pradesh is an outstanding game and food fish belonging to Cyprinidae family. This precious fish is facing danger of extinction in river Narmada due to various factors. There is urgent need for the conservation of this fish and new culture technologies like pond culture, cage culture are required to adopt for the rehabilitation of mahseer. Fertilization of fish pond is the simplest and most economical way of achieving better production by enriching pond with micro and macroscopic flora and fauna and can help in the protection of this creature. Therefore in the present paper, an attempt was made for the conservation of endangered fish mahseer (T. tor) for which a pond was prepared and fertilizers organic (Urea, lime etc.) as well as inorganic (Cow dung, chicken manure) were applied according to a proper plan and applied to the pond in order to enhance good growth and culture of mahseer (T. tor) at powerkheda fish farm Hoshangabad.

Key words : River Narmada, mahseer (Tor tor), Fertilizers, Pond enrichment, Conservation.

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