Shalini Nema* and Shobha Shrivastava**

Department of Botany Government MLB Girls P.G. (Autonomous) College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India) * *Mobile: 07276099827


Groundwater samples are taken from selected slums of Bhopal city. Studies of Physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater quality based on physico-chemical parameters have been taken up to evaluate its suitability for drinking purposes. Total 8 samples were collected. In the present study the parameters such as pH, TDS, Alkalinity, Total hardness, Calcium, and Magnesium in some samples exceeds the BIS desirable limit but were found to be within BIS permissible limits of drinking water. Iron and Nitrate in few samples exceeds the permissible limit of drinking water. Thus, an attempt has been made to find the quality of ground water in selected slum areas suitable for drinking purpose.

Key words : Slum, Bhopal,Groundwater, Physico-chemical characteristics, Iron, BIS TDS

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