Laiphrakpam Linthoingambi1, Ajit Kumar Das*2, P.K.Singh3 and S.K. Ghosh4

1,2Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Assam University, Assam (India) 3Centre of Advanced Studies in Life Sciences, Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur (India) 4Department of Biotechnology, Assam University, Assam (India)


The present paper deals with the survey conducted on Orchid flora in the Imphal Valley, Manipur. During the survey a total of 52 orchid species belonging to 20 genera were recorded. These comprise of 17 Dendrobium species, 4 Vanda species, 3 of Aerides, 3 species of Bulbophylum, 3 species of Cymbidium, 3 species of Pholidata, 2 species of Acampe, 2 species of Ascocentron, 2 species of Coelogyne and 1 species each in the genera Brachycorythis obcordata, Cleisocentron pallens, Cleisostoma brevipes, Eria flava, Nervilia aragoana, Paphiopedilum hirsutissinum, Phaius wallichii, Phalaenopsis parishii, Pleione praecox, Renanthera imschootiana, Rhynchostylis retusa and Thunia marshalliana.

Key words : Orchidaceae, Imphal valley, Manipur.

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