A.V. Suryawanshi* and A.N. Kulkarni**

*Research scholar N.E.S. Science college Nanded (India) **Department of Fishery Science, N.E.S. Science College, Nanded-431605 (India) E-mail: anjusuryawanshi22@gmail.com ankulkarni12@rediffmail.com


The study of length-weight relationship of fresh water mussels, Parresia corrugata is the most important aspects of biological study of molluscs; Length of a shell of a mussel has a certain mathematical relationship with its weight, height, changes according to the stages of development of the mussels and useful to find out length, when the weight is known and vice versa. For this study 241 specimens of Parresia corrugata were collected from Naigaon dam dist. Nanded and were kept in laboratory for acclimatization, after acclimatization relationship between Length-weight, Length-height, and height-weight was estimated by using Cube-Law. Study shows that fresh water mussels Parresia corrugata follows the cube law, and results obtained are shown in text.

Key words : Length, weight, height Parresia corrugata, Nanded.

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