Dinesh Kumar, P.C. Agrawal, Dhan Devi Mishra and Vikash Singh

Department of Zoology D.S. College Aligarh - 202001 (India) Email: dineshzookumar4@gmail.com


The effect of Hibiscus rosa sinensis L. flower extract on reproduction was studied in male albino rats. The study was divided into two groups of six animals each. The first group (I) received distilled water and served as control. The Second group (II) of animals was administered the Benzene extract of flowers daily at a dose of 200mg/kg body wt/day for 30 days. A significant reduction in testicular sperm count and sperm motility was observed. The result showed that Hibiscus rosa sinensis (L.) flower extract has effect on male reproductive system in albino rats.

Key words : Hibiscus rosa sinensis, sperm count, sperm motility.

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