Supriya Kumari, Amit Patnaik and Latika Sharan

University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi-834008 (India) Email ID.-


Phytochemicals are naturally occurring compounds which is responsible for providing protection to plants against pathogenic attack. Bombax ceiba L. belongs to the family Bombacaceae. It is commonly known as the Red-silk cotton tree, Semal, Semul, etc. It is a multipurpose tropical tree providing food, fodder, and timber. This plant also possesses medicinal value. Phytochemical analysis of theaqueous extract of flowers was done to test the presence of phenols, tannins, carbohydrates, etc. Different phytochemicals play different roles. Antimicrobial activity of flower was done in aqueous extract. The extracts inhibit the growth of microbes.

Key words : Bombax ceiba L., phytochemicals, Bombacaceae, multipurpose.

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