Gargi Chakravarty

Department of Botany, Dakshin Kamrup College, Mirza, Kamrup-781125 (India) Email: Phone No: 9706169050


The present study is an attempt to standardize the agro wastes based formulations under two different storage conditions, which would result in higher shelf life of the product, and assesses the method of application that would result in greater rhizosphere competence. In Vermicompost, the population of P. fluorescens increased to 1206×108 cfu/g at 30 Days after Storage (DAS) and finally decreased to 45×106 cfu/g at 120 DAS when stored at room temperature. At 4°C the population load maintained at the level of 108 cfu/g at 120°C. Among the different methods of application of the bioformulations, seed + root+ soil technique showed the highest rhizosphere population recovery of 280.00×106 cfu/ g at 60 days after transplanting (DAT).

Key words : Pseudomonas fluorescens, bioformulation, shelf life, storage temperature, method of application

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