1Rashmi Rekha Borah* and 1Animesh Gogoi

1Department of Botany, Assam down town university, Guwahati-781026 (India) *Corresponding author’s E-mail ID: rimaborah29@gmail.com


Being the most important cereal crop in the developing countries, rice is the most essential staple food for at least 33 countries in all over the world. The objective of the study is to understand the composition of weed flora in the rice field area of the Brahmaputra river beds of Majuli district, Assam. A total of 26weed species were found in the studied area,out of which, 14 were broad leaves weeds, 8 were grasses and remaining 4 were sedges. The maximum density of 2.60 and abundance of 3.50 has been recorded in plot 2 with maximum IVI value of 14.26. But on the other hand the Plot 1 was recorded with maximum of Shanon Weiner’s diversity index with 3.02, evenness index of 0.98, richness index of 1.79 and biodiversity index of 0.37. It has been noticed that, only 8 species among all were found common in all the three plots which indicated the similarity index of only 30% in average.Now from the analyses of the recorded data, the results indicate that there is vast area in this regards to study in-depth.

Key words : Majuli, Brahmaputra, Weeds, Rice, Grass

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