Debabrata Das

Microbiology and Ecology Laboratory, Under Graduate and Post Graduate Department of Botany, Darjeeling Govt. College, Darjeeling (India) Email:; Ph.: 9434232596/9851223359


This short communication reflects 34 plant and their products under 33 species, belonging to 31 genera and 25 families. The products are much more important in Darjeeling Himalayan area with great ecological significance. The plants parts along with some relevant structures, availability, use value and conservation measures have been described in a crucial way. It broadcasts the importance of ecological kind which may be the intervention to people in near future to study more and more through different organisations to develop proper management in near future. Not only that it would generate the essence to broadcasts the query as a whole for future study to develop global market in a greater sense.

Key words : Darjeeling-Some plant products-use valuemanagement- Conservation.

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