S.K. Aher

Department of Botany, New Arts, Commerce and Science College Parner, Dist Ahmednagar – 414 302 (India) E-mail: dr.skaher@yahoo.com Phone: Mob. +919960455771


The present paper provides the first and comprehensive account of the flora of Parner tahsil (Dist. Ahmednagar) of Maharashtra (India). The floristic study of this region demonstrates a wide range of species diversity and growth forms. Vegetation of the tahsil mainly represents tropical dry deciduous forests, thorny open scrub and vast grasslands. During the present investigation, a total of 410 taxa belonging to 295 genera and 91 families of flowering plants were recorded. Out of 91 families, monocotyledons share 19.78% (18 families) and dicotyledons share 80.21% (73 families). The ratio of monocotyledons to dicotyledons families is 1: 4.06. Fabaceae is the dominant family with 61 species followed by Solanaceae and Poaceae (19 species each). The endemic, medicinal and plants of economic and ecological importance have been reported in the present communication.

Key words : Floristic diversity, Parner tahsil, Ahmednagar, drought prone area.

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