Gauri Soman

Department of Botany, Maharshi Dayanand College, Parel Mumbai-400012 (India)


Mosses of Mumbai area were explored with special emphasis on epiphytic ones. The epiphytes are also known as "Space parasites", as they do not depend on the host plant for their nutrition because by virtue of the presence of chlorophyll they are autotrophic and carry out the function of photosynthesis. In the present paper five different species of epiphytic mosses have so far been encountered growing on various arboreal species in Mumbai area. These are Macromitrium sulcatum (Hook.) Brid, Octoblepharum albidum Hedw., Calymperes thwaitessii (Beisch.) Fleisch, Erpodium magnifera C. Muell. and Stereohyllum tavoyense (Hook.) Jaeg

Key words :

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