Adarsh (Shukla) Dixit

Department of Zoology, Govt. Science College, Gwalior (India)


Several types of chromatophores occurring in Ophiocephalus gachua are represented on the head & back. The scale is circular shape. Discard centre , 8-20 primary processes of moderate thickness having upto 6 branches, tips rounded or pointed with 2-3 secondry branches and process length/disc diameter ratio as 1:2. The entire melanophore population is mostly of a black colour but some appearing gray , probably those that generated a new , can also be seen frequently. The yellow pigment cells , the xanthophores are also dendrite cells and they are distributed over the same areas as the melanophores. The presence of large members of Leucophore and melanophores also serves to mask the xanthophores were appearently always in the condition that may well be turned as the expended or the dispersed one the whiteness and iridescence of light strips may partly be due to their presence in great numbers over other areas on the body. Although to determine wheather they are motile or non motile was beyond the , however irridophores reflect white light rays by tyndall scattering.

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