Kanchan Rajak1, Kavita Sharma2 and J.N. Verma3

1Research Scholar, Pt. RSU, Raipur-492007 (India) 2Department of Botany, Govt. Girls College, Devendra Nagar Raipur-492007 (India) 3Govt. DBPG Girls College, Raipur-492007 (India) drktsharma@gmail.com


The Phytoplankton distribution and diversity was studied with compare to the physico-chemical parameters in Joratalab pond.Joratalab pond is situated at Sarkanda towards the North East of Bilaspur District at the distance of 5 km .This pond is medium size pond and the water of pond is use for domestic purpose like washing,bathing etc. Amonthly sample was carried out from December 2012 to November 2013 at four different stations.Phytoplanktons of Joratalab is composed of four major groups namely Cyanophyceae, Chlorphyceae,Euglenophyceae and Bacillariophyceae.The density of Phytoplankton showed that the Chlorophyceae are dominated.In the present study the maximum density of phytoplankton recorded in April and minimum is in the month of August. During the investigation period it was observed that the Phytoplankton population density and diversity depends upon the physico-chemical parameters and shown significant correlation with the parameters like tempareture, pH, mg, phosphate and D.O.

Key words :

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