V.A. Ghatule, B.W. Chavre and H.K. Bhagwan*

Department of Zoology, S. M. Dnyandeo Mohekar Mahavidyalaya, Kalamb, Dist Osmanabad (M.S.), India *Department of Botany, Arts Commerce & Science College, Nandgaon, Dist Nashik (M.S.), India E.mail- varshachavre@gmail.com


Waldevi is an earth fill dam constructed in 1995 on Waldevi River near Pimplad village of Nashik tehsil, about 10 km away from the city. The total capacity of storage is 33,720.00 km3 (8,089.86 cu mi) and 3,437 km2 (1,327 sq mi) surface area. A study was made in the year 2016 on the diversity of the algae present in the dam water. An attempt was made to study the seasonal variation of algal diversity. Algae have been collected every month by using standard size plankton net and were identified with the help of literature. In the present study various algal species of Chlorophyceae, Cyanophyceae, and Bacillariophyceae were identified. The members of chlorophyceae were found dominant over other groups. It was observed that with the changing environmental conditions diversity and abundance of the different types of algal flora is influenced.

Key words :

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