Yugendra Kumar Soni, S.K. Chatterjee and K.N. Bapat

Department of Chemistry Govt. N.P.G. College of Science, Raipur-492010 (India)


The oxidation kinetics of maltose has been measured spectrophotomatrically. Oxidation behaviour of potassium permanganate is proved in case of sugar maltose and first order kinetics is obtained. According to changing the reaction condition it has been found that when concentration of maltose, potassium permanganate, sulphuric acid increases, then the rate of reaction also increases while the variation of concentration of salt does not affect the rate of reaction which indicates the molecular species has been involved during the reaction. A plot of [maltose] verses K was found to be linear and also plot of log [maltose] verses logK gave straight line with unity slope indicates the first order kinetics. Carboxylic acid group formed as a main product of oxidation by MnO4 -. These products are formed due to the cleavage of c-c bond of sugar by permanganate ion. Rate law equation, stoichiometry and mechanism of the reaction is determined.

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