Akil A. Khan

Assistant Professor, Gandhi Faiz-e-Aam College, Shahjahanpur-242001 (Affiliated to MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, U.P., India) E-mail: akil_nbri@yahoo.com


A petridish assay was carried out to study the allelopathic effect of aqueous extract of different parts of E. alba on seedling growth and dry biomass of crop (Phaseolus aureus and Oryza sativa) and weed (Cassia tora and Cassia sophera) plants. Aqueous extract of leaf, root and stem were prepared by soaking dried plant parts of E. alba in water (1:2 w/v) for a period of 24h. The aqueous extract from root, stem and leaf had no effect on seed germination of test plants. When compared to control, aqueous extract from leaf, stem and root significantly reduced growth and dry biomass of test plants. Weeds were more sensitive to extracts than crops. The negative effect of leaf extract on seedling growth and dry biomass were more pronounced followed by root and stem extract and overall effects of extracts were positively correlated with extract concentration (0.5%,1%,2% and 4%). The study therefore indicated the release of growth inhibitors (allelochemicals) which exhibited the allelopathic stress against seedling growth and dry biomass of test species.

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