Asha Rani

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In agriculutural economy of India pulses play very important role because of their ability to be in symbiosis with rhizobia and to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Among the different pulses green gram or mung bean (Vigna radiata) is an important pulse grown in fields. The city waste water is major water pollutant goes to the adjoining fields of Bareilly city. It contains heavy metals as Cd, Cu, Zn and Pb which cause phytotoxicity.The concentration of these metals present in city waste water was 0.204,7.500,7.270 and 3.740 mg/l respectively. Seeds of two varieties viz.NM-1 (Narendra mung-1) and PTM-2 (Pantnagar mung-2) were obtained from Pantnagar university,Pantnagar.Different concentrations (80,90 and 100% ) of city waste water were prepared by addition of tap water for irrigation of seeds in pots.Distilled water taken as control. A marked reduction in nitrogen content is observed in both varieties except some treatments in M1 generation.Some high yielding mutants were also isolated in both varieties with increase yield about 2 and 3 times than that of control in M2 generation. Some mutant plants showed resistant against the city waste water in M3 generation which are high yielding and with high protein content as compare to their respective controls and does not show any phytotoxic effect of city waste water. These induced mutants of mung bean can be recommended for cultivation in adjoining areas of Bareilly city.

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