Pampi Ghosh

Department of Botany, Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Kapgari, Jhargram-721516 (India)


Eco-tourism is an interesting field generally applicable to generate income for the inhabitants and organizations. It emphasized on developing interest to the tourists on ecosystem particularly on natural and scenic environment. Plants are the only and unique producer of our global ecosystem. They nourish all the creatures of earth science the time immemorial. We owe to plants in every respect. The present society humiliates them knowingly or unknowingly and ultimately dwindle the ecosystem day by day. As a result we are going to the verge of extinction through the process of eco-degradation. By saving the plants in their own habitats, we will not only save the nature and natural resources but also save us. Ignorant activities of tourists destroying the overall ecosystem, so days are come up to promote eco-tourism. We, the citizens therefore should be more thoughtful about eco-tourism. Plants are the ornaments of any habitat and tourist spot; they may be natural or artificially planted. Plants make world green, lovely, beautiful, scenic, and amazing for long years. So, the special, generous, curious creature of God who protect the earth need protection, love and nourishment to restore biodiversity and make centre of attraction for eco-tourism.

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