Sunita Kumari Sharma

Department of Zoology Maharaja College, Arah–802301 (India) Email-,


Among Lotic systems rivers are found to be one of the important niche of plankton diversity. Plankton constitute most basic trophic level i.e. producers and microconsumers in the freshwater aquatic bodies. In the present study an assessment of Zooplankton has been carried out in river Sone in Bhojpur region of Bihar at five different sampling stations in a stretch of about 30 kms. The study revealed the presence of 11 species of Rotifers including two families and five genera, seven species of Cladocera including five families and six genera, five species of copepod including three families and five genera and three species belonging to ostracods. Although their numbers varied in different seasons, depending upon a number of variables including rainfall and abundance of nutrients11. Their Biodiversity Indices have also been calculated.

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