Rehana Parveen

Department of Zoology, Govt. Meera Girls College, MLSU, Udaipur (India) E-mail –


In the present, in vitro study has been made to the effect of Dimethoate organophosphate pesticide on the AChE activity in the different layers of retina of Gallus domesticus.After study significant inhibition in AChE activity was observed in, in vitro experiments. The distribution of AChE amongst the different constituents of retina in normal, in vitro Dimethoate exposures has revealed following results. The LRC 1s distinguished as OS, IS and ONL. The OS revealed moderate to mild AChE activity in normal and exposed animals. In the Is intense AChE activity has been observed in the outer normal, strong in D1, moderate in D2 and mild in D3, nuclear layer depicted a moderate enzyme activity of INL demonstrated in N, D1, D2, and mild in D3. The second order of neurons of INL demonstrated strong AChE activity in normal while enzyme activity was intense in D1, moderate in D2 and negative in D3. The third order of neurons (GC) showed strong AChE activity in normal but enzyme activity gradually declined in D1, D2 and D3, groups. In OPL, the AChE activity was very strong in normal while intense in D1,moderate in D2, and mild in D3. The inner plexiform layer of the retina showed very strong AChE activity in normal, moderate in D1, D2 and mild in D2. The layer of nerve fibres showed a moderate AChE activity in normal and mild in D1, and D2, while negative activity has been seen in D3. The significance of AChE in normal and in vitro exposure to Dimethoate has been discussed to reveal impact of organophosphate pesticide on the cholinergic neuronal circuits operating in retina.

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