Anil Kumar Dongre and Kapil Kumar Soni

Department of Biosciences, Barkatullah University, Bhopal-462026 (India) Email:


Several types of fresh water fishes found in the Bheemgarh dam, therefore the present study was aimed to investigate ichthyo faunal diversity of the Bheemgarh dam Chhapara, Seoni. In the present study, a total of 19 species of fishes were recorded from 9 families and 6 orders during Jan., 2018 to Dec., 2018 from the Bheemgarh dam, Chhapara, Seoni region of Madhya Pradesh. Among them, family Cyprinidae was the most dominant with 09 (47.37%), followed by the families Bagridae 2 (10.53%), Channidae 1(5.26%), Siluridae 1 (5.26%), Nandidae 1 (5.26%), Clariidae 1 (5.26%), and Heteropneustidae 1(5.26%), respectively. Cyprinidae was the most dominant species on sampling site of Bheemgarh. Fishes maintain aquatic ecosystem, therefore, there is a need to follow conservation strategies to conserved ichthyo faunal diversity.

Key words :

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