Fatima Khan and Peer Mohmad Junaid

Department of Botany, Govt. College Nasarullah Ganj-466001 (India)


With the introduction of green revolution, the modern agriculture is getting more and more dependent on the steady supply of synthetic inputs i.e. Chemical fertilizers. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers by farmers in agriculturehas resulted in several environmental problems. To overthrow these problems application of biofilm based biofertilizers has beenfound effective. Generally the biofertilizers are beneficialmicroorganisms involve in breakdown of organic matter, nitrogen fixation in a symbiotic manner, and secretion of growth promotingsubstances. They also supply nutrients to the plants, controlsoil borne diseases and maintain the physical structure of soil incultivable fields. Intensive research has been done to findout the usefulness of this aspect in the leguminous plants like Cicer arietinum. In natural environment, the Cicer arietinum plants had symbiotic association with nitrogen fixing bacteria i.e., Rhizobium leguminosarum in the root nodules.

Key words :

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