T. Raviteja1 and SJD Bosco*

1Department of Food Science & Technology, Pondicherry University, Kalapet-605014 (India) *Author for correspondence


The study deals with the physical characteristics and color of oil palm (FFB) on basis of two tenera planting materials (i.e T1 nigrescens, T1virescens and T2 variety) namely known as porium series (PS) . Here two methods have been considered to determine the characteristics of above oil palm varieties. Initially physical characteristics is evaluated using length, width, height, density, bulk density, true density etc. and Secondly color of the FFB and fruitlets was determined to estimate the maturity of the fruit. The result evaluated has displayed the two panting materials had vary inphysical characteristics from each other. In addition to this the result obtained from physical characteristics (i.e linear dimensions and weight) was correlated, which was found to be 88% accuracy. Hence the present study may help future researchers, oil palmindustrialist on development of grading system.

Key words :

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