Shashikanth Majagi, Sachin Hosamani, Mahantesh and Subiya Sabuhi

Department of Studies in Zoology, Vijaynagar Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ballari-583275 (India) Email:


The mosquito diversity survey was conducted in Ballari city, VSK university surrounded, Goutham Nagar, municipal area, city and slum area, canal water surrounding area for four months 2019 – 2020. The adult mosquito were collected by trapping instruments such as aspirator tube, spray sheet method, and electric grid method. The results revealed that all together 12 mosquitoes of 4 genera identified and recorded. Anopheles, is predominant genus with 5 species, followed by Culex Aedes, Armigeres and Mosonia respectively. An early peak was observed in February when Anopheles contributed maximum in the entire population. Later tall peak was observed in March. The other three Culex and Aedes predominant species.

Key words :

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