Florien Nkurunziza1, Turatsinze Theoneste2, Uwimana Sandrine2, Bitwayiki Clement2, Sushil Kumar Upadhyay1,* and Anil K. Sharma1,*

1Department of Biotechnology, Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University), Mullana-Ambala-133207 (India) 2College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, University of Rwanda, East Africa *Corresponding author(s) Email: * anibiotech18@gmail.com; upadhyay.k.sushil@gmail.com


Fruit is the freshy part of every ovary of a flower, many people do not value the significance of having fruits as their daily meal because they take them as simple and affordable plants. Papaya (Carica papaya L.) is small, herbaceous, green and perennial dicotyledonous plant which plays an important role in the health of human being providing significant amount of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals fiber sugars and antioxidants. Whey which is gotten from milk products could be added to increase the medicinal and nutritive value and making it more delicious. This study provides the outline for the processing and development of juice with incorporation of whey. It contains current scholar’s view on using of whey in juice production. This study will certainly help to increase the processing of papaya into different products in order to increase availability and affordability of papaya products in the market.

Key words :

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