Shabanam Saiyad, Zahra Makda, N. A. Goswami, J. V. Shiyani, D. M. Dudhagara, N. K. Chavda and M. K Gadhavi*

Department of Zoology, H. & H. B. Kotak Institute of Science, Rajkot-360001 (India) Email ID*:


A sustainable ecotourism should include local people’s perspective for better management. This paper is directed to know local people’s reactions about the impact of ecotourism which is in emerging phase at study siteon their livelihood and environment. Dependency on ecotourism is found high compare to other livelihoods. The demand was made by respondents to firmly implement rules through laws at tourism sites. The respond about biodiversity harassment due to ecotourism activity was negative.People were not in favor for development of giant tourism industry. The people of village are found sensitive about the core idea of ecotourism. Thus such integrated approach which includesperspectives of local people as well as carrying capacity should be taken into consideration would be advantageous for ecotourismmanagements.

Key words :

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