Pradip J. Misal

Department of Zoology Siddharth Arts, Commerce and Science College Jafrabad Dist. Jalna-431206 (India)


In present work the diversity survey of molluscs from Purna river, Near Jafrabad Dist. Jalna is carried out during the year 2020-2021. Molluscs are considered the most diverse and dominant benthic fauna both from lentic and lotic aquatic ecosystems. Seasonal data of freshwater molluscs were studied as gastropods and Bivalve molluscs from Purna River from Two different sampling stations. Riverine system is poorly studied till date and, mainly lack of information about the molluscan fauna in this particular water body. In present study, 13 species belong to 07 genera and 02 classes were recorded. 09 species belong to class gastropods and 04 species from class Bivalvia. The members of family Unionidae comprises maximum number of species of different mollusc.

Key words : Freshwater molluscs, Gastropods, Bivalves, Purna, River.

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