Gauri Soman

Head, Department of Botany, Maharshi Dayanand College, Parel, Mumbai-400012 (India)


Panhala taluka lies in the Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats of Maharashtra state 16o48’o” N and 78o8’o” E. It is characterized by black rocky basalt to reddish yellow coloured soil, with dense dry semi evergreen to moist deciduous type of forest. It is enriched with lush green hills, diversified flora and fauna. There are 130 villages situated within the taluka,most of them in remote rural areas. The local people dwelling there make use of traditional knowledge to cure local ailments. The paper deals with medicinal plants used by these locals for treatment of liver disorders. The data on ethnomedicinal plants is on the verge of extinction and special efforts are required for documentation, conservation and sustainable utilization of these plants. So a survey was carried out to collect valuable information on traditional medicinal plants. The information regarding use of plants, their botanical names and local names is described in this paper.

Key words : Panhala, Western Ghats, Ethnomedicinal plants, stomach and intestinal disorders.

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