1Y. Rajya Lakshmi and 2*A.M. Beulah

1,2Food Technology, Department of Home Science, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidhyalayam Tirupati-517502 (India) *Details of Corresponding Author A.M. Beulah, Integrated Food Technology, Dept. of Home Science, Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati-517502 (India) Andhra Pradesh, (India) Telephone: +91 8499092948 Email: beulahbhagath@gmail.com


The products like mixed/blended fruit jams associate with the characteristics nature of two or more fruits that allowed to develop exotic product rather than a simple jam blended with multiple nutritional factors along with characteristic/unique sensory properties. The present study was carried out to standardize appropriate combination of Pomelo-black grape blends for the development of exotic jam, and its storage quality evaluation. Total three combinations of pomelo+black grape concentration includes S1 (60%+40%), S2 (50%+50%), S3 (40%+60%) have been formulated and trial products were developed accordingly. Developed formulations were subjected to the quality evaluation in terms of sensorial and physicochemical properties and the final formulation accepted by majority of the panel members along with good quality patterns have been considered as the standardized final product. Prepared experimental products were stored in pre-sterilized glass jars at room temperature by following good hygienic practices and tested for their shelf life maxima. Physico-chemical, nutritional, organoleptic and microbiological parameters were undertaken at a regular interval of 15 days. The resulted data shown that, experimental samples were well acceptable for 45 days stored at room temperature during the storage and statistical analysis revealed that storage intervals have significant (p≤ 0.05) different in terms of moisture, reducing sugars, total sugar, and Vitamin C among the three experimental trials. Findings from sensory comparisons and physicochemical properties of blended jams revealed that blended jams have more acceptable rate than single fruit jams. Also, findings of the study gives a good scope for the future developments in the development of exotic fruits jams with characteristic nutritional and functional; properties.

Key words : Exotic fruit jam, Fruit blends, Pomelo, Black Grapes, Nutrients, Antioxidant, Shelf life.

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